To ensure the quality of the products that reach the animals' feed troughs, Matsuda has 4 animal nutrition laboratories distributed across its units, which will control the quality of both the raw materials used and the products ready for sale.

Among the procedures carried out by our technical team, we control everything from the visual standard of the ingredients used, avoiding external contaminants to that specific material, to the concentration levels of each element, through precise analyses to produce supplements with the correct amount of product guarantee levels.

In addition to the concentration of each mineral, the source being used is also evaluated, as ultimately, the bioavailability for the animal can vary depending on the source being used, and Matsuda always strives to produce supplements with high absorption for the animals.

With over 100,000 analyses conducted per year in its laboratories, Matsuda invests in its quality control with a highly qualified team, bringing you as a producer the best in nutritional technology for your animals. With the assurance of what is being produced and the correct application of its technologies, we work together with the producer to achieve the best zootechnical and financial gains, reaffirming our motto, Matsuda, Those who use it, Don't change!

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