The pastures are the most suitable feed for the nutrition of cattle. When provided with good nutritional quality, they offer the best cost-effectiveness among food sources. However, due to variations in climatic conditions and plant maturity, the nutritional quality can significantly decrease, especially during drier periods of the year. Consequently, animal production is impaired, affecting profitability.

To prevent scarcity and low quality of provided forages, one of the most well-known and used strategies for forage storage is silage formulation. However, it is important to mention that the quality of silage can vary depending on the ensiling technique used, timely harvesting, management, and choice of materials for ensiling. Therefore, producers must adopt good practices to ensure and maintain the quality of ensiled material and avoid potential losses. To assist in maintaining stability and ideal fermentation of silage, specific inoculants are applied to the materials to be ensiled.

For over 20 years, Matsuda Group has been researching and investing in inoculant technology for silage formulation. These biological additives contain beneficial bacteria that promote the acceleration and improvement of fermentation through acidification of the stored material, conserving nutritional quality, reducing losses, enhancing aerobic stability, improving food safety, and extending the longevity of the ensiled material.

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